About Us

SocorroCare was founded by Saleel Sathe and Dr. Siddharth Kamat. Saleel, originally from Mumbai, has lived in the USA  for over 25 years. He realized that if his elderly parents, living in Mumbai, needed major help or care, fell ill and required long-term care then his choices were either to move to India or move his parents to the US or to put them in a nursing or retirement home in India.

For Saleel and many others like him who stay away from their elderly parents, none of those options were ideal. Saleel raised this problem to his childhood friend Dr. Siddharth Kamat in Mumbai, to see if they could find a solution. As a doctor who has practiced in India for over 25 years, Siddharth was very familiar with the needs of elderly parents. Siddharth and Saleel came up with the idea of a trusted Companion service. They decided to name it SocorroCare since Socorro is Spanish for help, aid, and relief.


Saleel Sathe

Co-founder and Director

Saleel Sathe is the co-founder and Director of SocorroCare. He has held senior positions at Uber, eBay, Microsoft and Credit Suisse First Boston, and this experience helps him guide the overall management of SocorroCare. Saleel lives in Seattle with his wife and two children. His parents live in Mumbai, but despite this long distance, SocorroCare gives him peace of mind that they are doing fine.

Dr. Siddharth Kamat

Co-founder and Director

Dr. Siddharth Kamat is a medical professional specializing in Pediatrics, and is engaged in active community practice for 25 years. Being an ardent academician, he also actively engages in practical training of undergraduate and postgraduate medical students. Multiple real-life experiences in dealing with problems faced by elderly people living alone led him to co-found SocorroCare with a view to provide organized professional services to the elderly.

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Dr Meena Kamat


Dr. Meena Kamat is a consulting Gynecologist engaged in community and hospital practice for over 25 years. She has an innate sense of empathy and compassion. Her counselling skills have motivated her to take up social causes including elderly care, institutional care and rehabilitation of destitute people, and she actively contributes to counseling the elderly clients of SocorroCare.

Anuradha Shenoy


Anuradha Shenoy is a Director of SocorroCare. She has previously worked at Microsoft, GE and Cathay Pacific Airways. She also founded and ran a fashion startup. Anuradha lives in Seattle with her husband and two children. She provided years of Companionship and care to her grandparents while she grew up in Mumbai. She continues to provide Companionship to seniors in Seattle, and now she brings that experience to help countless more people across the world through SocorroCare. Her experience helps her in planning the logistics and processes needed in the smooth functioning of SocorroCare.

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Sinhali Deshpande


Sinhali Deshpande has over 20 years of experience in the design and development of transformative training modules and banking experience. Providing learning solutions that match the client’s needs and participant’s preferences is her forte. Her clients include foreign banks, multinationals and start-ups that focus on the work readiness training space. Her experience helps her in training our Companions & Home Attendants in SocorroCare.

Hetal Parikh


Hetal Parikh has over 15 years of work experience. She has worked as a CAD Textile designer and later turned entrepreneur designing garments, homemade gourmet chocolates and choreography. She has been associated with SocorroCare since inception and is responsible for the day-to-day operations of SocorroCare.