Our Services

Our trustworthy Companions & Attendants are the pillars of our company in providing customized services to our client. After thorough assessment of the services required, we will draw up a personalized package to suit your needs.

Companion Services


Our Companions are trustworthy, dedicated and compassionate individuals who will visit our senior clients and can become the trusted eyes and ears for the junior clients. They are well trained and are capable enough to handle any emergency situations and  help the elderly stay as active as possible - physically, mentally and socially - to achieve optimal health, happiness and well-being.

The trusted Companion will be an ambassador who can ensure that the senior loved ones are comfortable and confident of managing their lifestyles in their own environment. Our Companions will spend quality time with them and can engage them in intellectually stimulating conversations, can help them pursue their passions and assist them in administrative tasks.

Our Companion can provide help and can engage with senior clients in various activities within the home as well as outside the home. He can also help you to arrange various concierge and health care services from other service providers. For example, our Companions can help in daily routine tasks, such as:

Within the home

  1. Read out newspapers, magazines, or any other literature.
  2. Help in write letters, emails or other communication, organize and update files, handle paperwork and appointments.
  3. Help in online communications such as Skype, social media, internet, etc.
  4. Engage in conversation on current affairs or other favorite topics.
  5. Engage in mind-stimulating activities like word games, mathematical games or board games.
  6. Ensure medication is taken on schedule, and arrange in-home health services such as nursing and physiotherapy.

Outside the home

  1. Accompany to local parks for walks.
  2. Schedule appointments and accompany them on routine medical visits.
  3. Arrange transportation and accompany them for social visits.
  4. Help them with finance-related work and with bank visits.
  5. Run errands or accompany for shopping  and bill payments.

Through our business partners, our Companions can help in arranging other home help such as cooks, maids, electrical and plumbing repair work, etc.  They can also help in arranging and coordinating with medical professionals, nurses, pathology services, physiotherapy, yoga training services, etc. 

Attendant Services


Our trusted Attendants will step in along with our Companions or by themselves, for activities and help that need physical strength.  What truly sets them apart is their natural gift for caring for others. They provide help to the senior clients in various activities within the home as well as outside the home.

Within the home:

  1. Help in transfers to and from a bed and wheelchair for non-ambulatory seniors.
  2. Help the client with regular exercises as recommended in physiotherapy.
  3. Help with bathing, grooming and hygiene for non-ambulatory seniors and help with non-specialty feeding.
  4. Help with minor household activity such as arranging household items and keeping the house well-organized.

Outside the home:

  1. Help with transfers, using aides like a wheelchair, for outdoor park visits or to friends, relatives and functions.

  2. Run errands to buy vegetables, fruits, medicines and other groceries or essential items from nearby stores or markets.
  3. Any physical help required by the senior client who is unable to carry out other outdoor activities on account of physical debility.