Mr. A. Joshi – San Jose, California

“I have found the work of SocorroCare very professional with good followups. They do not need reminders and go out of their way to ensure that our elderly parents are taken good care of and ensure all possible assistance is given to them in maintaining their daily lifestyles within our ancestral home in Dadar. We felt reassured with their daily feedbacks to us, letting us know of any minor problems and how they were solved to our parents’ satisfaction.”

Mr. H. Shah – Morristown, New Jersey

“SocorroCare has been of huge help to us and lifted a big load from my shoulders with respect to our parental care at our home in India. SocorroCare is there to give company to my parents and ensure that they don’t feel lonely and help them cope with modern day technology, helping us stay in contact with them and for them to stay in contact with their friends from all over the world from within the comfort of their homes and at their will. The provision of home Attendants is another advantage as they are able to provide the necessary help for their medical visits during times of illness.”

Mr. V. Ramamurthy – Dallas, Texas 

“I would like to thank SocorroCare for a being a pillar of support to my father, who is currently living by himself in Vile Parle, Mumbai. You have given him good company in his times of loneliness and are helping him with his daily chores. This is a huge relief for us as we are thousands of miles away from home and can’t help on a daily basis. It is very reassuring that there is someone who is available to take care of him at short notice.”

Mr. M. Khanna – London, United Kingdom

“My parents, living by themselves at home, have a pleasant time with their Companions. They now have someone to talk to, discuss daily events, watch movies on their iPads, etc. These daily interactions are keeping them happy and they look forward to it. They no longer feel lonely and don’t necessarily have to bank on their friends or our relatives for help. Simple daily tasks like going to movies, banks, weddings, and social outings, are taken care of whenever the need arises.”

Mr P. Joseph – Bandra, Mumbai

“I like to live independently and there are times when I need someone to talk to and help me out with certain tasks which I am not able to complete as I am not well or I do not understand modern technology. In today’s busy times it is very difficult for people to take out time and help you when you need it the most, this delays things and the difficulties increase with every passing day. SocorroCare helps me carry out the tasks for which I require help. I do not have to depend on the help of my neighbors or distant relatives.”

Mrs. S. Bhattacharya – Borivali, Mumbai

“I like living in my home since my social circle is present in this area. People recognize me and know me and hence I don’t want to shift to another place. At times I need help and people in my environment are not able to help since they are busy with their day to day lives. SocorroCare is an organization which lends me a helping hand and their companions provide good companionship and help alleviate boredom.”